GroupEx PRO® Referral Network

GroupEx PRO relies on grassroots marketing. Once you see what GXP can do for you, you’ll be certain to share your secret with your friends and colleagues. Send a new Group Fitness Manager our way, and we will reward you. We appreciate you sharing your successes with other industry professionals.

How it works:

We’ve made the process simple: simply mention the product and get a conversation started. Once you send a lead our way (via an email introduction), we will connect with your friend and start the sales process. We recommend that you proactively follow up and encourage the sale, educate your friend about GXP (from your end) and if they purchase… you earn money.

How will you be rewarded?

You earn points for each and every referral, demo and sale. The amount you can earn from one sale can range from $35 - $1,000+; the earning potential is unlimited. We appreciate you letting industry professionals know about GroupEx PRO, whether that results in a sale or not. So, start spreading the news and earn cash for yourself in the process!