Frequently Asked Questions

How does GXP compare to its competitors? »

GroupEx PRO is the only all-in-one solution offering the ability to streamline communication and seamlessly monitor all facets of your unique department. GroupEx PRO is designed to help you optimize your current processes, save you hours of administrative time each week, and provide metrics to prove your worth with the click of a button.

Beyond our robust communication features, real-time schedule and subbing solutions, we also offer a Program Analysis Tool (PAT) that is unparalleled. The PAT allows you to review impressive reports overlaying penetration, club visits, and class attendance. You'll also be able to visually compare class performance based on a wide selection of criteria and date ranges, as well as run payroll reports to help keep you on top of budgets, spending, and even save you time from manually entering payroll.

While there are other scheduling platforms and ways to easily 'swap' classes, no one provides a one-stop-shop for managers to communicate, organize, and memorialize everything that happens in a GX department with ease and accuracy. GXP is a system developed for group fitness managers, by group fitness managers.

Why do I need GroupEx PRO if I already use email to communicate with my team? »

GroupEx PRO will enhance your communication in three ways:

  1. GXP streamlines the communication process with your team. Instead of saving vital information for your weekly or bi-weekly email, you can simply create a notice about the information real time. One thought, one notice ... The way GXP is structured, communicating REAL TIME will not have to clog up your instructors’ inboxes. Instructors can engage with the system at a time that makes sense for them and never miss (or misplace) important information.
  2. GXP cuts down on redundant and unnecessary emails from your instructors by allowing TWO-way communication. Instead of Reply All emails to say, "I got it", or responses to your email that become new threads, or you answering the same question to clarify your email to individual instructors ... GXP allows instructors to comment underneath the post and you modify, edit or answer in the comments box to keep communication lines clear without extra work for anyone.
  3. GXP helps you ensure everyone is in the know. The "I Read It" button allows instructors to click after they’ve taken a look at what you have to say and you can quickly pull the "I Read It" list for each notice to ensure receipt. Instructors have a visual indicator of what they’ve reviewed and what needs to be read, and you have a list of instructors that have received your information. You also have the ability to check the last time your instructors logged into your account.

Does GroupEx PRO allow me to share our class schedule and substitute instructors with our Members? »

Yes, GXP powers the fitness schedule on your website. GXP provides members the ability to see the schedule the way THEY want to see it. Members can filter your schedule by day, category, class, location, and even instructor. Substitute instructors appear in red on your schedules and they appear right away. The GXP schedule is updated in real time so members are sure to receive the most up-to-date information. And, best of all, it happens automatically. No need to bother your IT department or webmaster every time you have a small change in your schedule.

Do our members have access to GXP? »

GXP is a private portal for your group fitness department. Your members do not have access to your internal communication. However, they do have access to your published group fitness schedule and events calendar, which are powered by GXP. Your schedule can also provide a reservation system for your members to save a space in classes, easing the burden of the front desk!

Does GroupEx PRO allow a club with multiple locations to be on the same account? »

Yes. GXP is a perfect solution for clubs with multiple locations. GXP is committed to easing communication in group fitness departments to improve the member and employee experience, so providing a way for clubs to communicate across a town is a must. GXP provides discounts as your user count increases. So, the more users on one account the more money you save! Plus, you can easily communicate with all instructors across a club can simultaneously and tailor messages to specific locations within the account.

I spend a ton of time updating my Instructor Contact List. Will GXP help me with this? »

Each instructor has a login for your GXP account where they can update their phone number, picture, class formats, certifications, availability, and anything else you want to track. Instructors can maintain their personal profile within GXP. And, because contact info is simple to update, you are no longer responsible for updating and sending out a new contact list every time there is a change. It’s also possible to track time-sensitive information and be alerted when certifications are about to expire.

GroupEx PRO sounds great, but I know how I am and how some of my instructors react to technology. Is it hard to implement GroupEx PRO? »

GXP is an accessible technology platform that provides an intuitive user experience. Implementation is straightforward for both managers and instructors. We provide hands-on assistance with your onboarding, as well as an extensive library of how to videos that will help you master the tools.We strive to make the GXP implementation as frictionless as possible, and we will be here for you and your team every step of the way.

How long does it take to get a new GroupEx PRO account started? »

The GXP team can have your account ready to go in approximately 24 hours after receiving your signed agreement with payment information (credit card or check).

What involvement is required of our IT staff? »

In most cases, the involvement of your IT staff is very limited. GroupEx PRO is a web-based service, therefore, there is no need to download or install any software. We do offer an open API, which your IT/web team can use to further customize the look and feel of your group fitness schedule on your website.

What type of investment does GroupEx PRO require for my club? »

The GXP investment will vary from club to club based on your system needs and the number of instructors you will have using the system. Generally, we jump on a virtual meeting to provide an overview of the different levels of service to help you figure out which option would be best to suit your needs. Next, we determine how many potential users you would have and if monthly or yearly payments will work best for you. Discounts are provided for committing to yearly service and for higher quantities of users. As group fitness managers ourselves, we are extremely sensitive to the small budgets we often work with and try hard to keep our cost of service as low as we can while providing quality care.

Do you offer a free trial? »

We do not offer free trials for GXP, but we do offer extensive demos and walkthroughs of our system. GroupEx PRO has so many amazing features, but it’s hard to realize the full potential of the GXP system before a trial is over.

Can I access GXP from my smartphone? »

Yes! There are two ways to access GXP from your mobile device. GXP has a mobile view which is very user-friendly. Launch GXP from a browser on your device and instructors can read notices, request subs, enter class numbers and much more.

We also offer a free Instructor Tools App that provides many of the same features as the desktop version, including the ability to request subs, respond to subrequests, enter class numbers, read notices, and receive push notifications for urgent correspondence. We highly encourage GFMs to get all instructors to download the App for further ease of communication.

Do you integrate with other software programs? »

We are proud to integrate with a number of mobile app vendors, including Daxko Mobile, NetPulse, MobileFit, and MiGym, as well as electronic fitness center displays such as Reach Media.