We have 19 branches in the Dallas YMCA, and GroupEx PRO has been a tremendous help to all of our managers. Our favorite GroupEx PRO feature is the sub board; before GroupEx PRO we were using email to decide subs, which is a nightmare with 19 branches. Now, we are able to have a manager's approval and know where subs are still needed. Our second favorite feature is the class attendance and reporting section; before GroupEx PRO we were writing attendance down on paper. From the report side, we are able to track patterns, review what is going on in our branches and easily assess when a class needs to be dropped, added or rescheduled. GroupEx PRO has been a lifesaver for our subbing and metrics; I would highly recommend GroupEx PRO to anyone considering it!

Ashley Rose
Internet Marketing Specialist
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

I manage a large staff of college students in a student recreation complex, and needed one place where I could communicate with my staff and they could communicate with one another. I felt like I was going to have to spend the time and resources to create a program in-house. Fortunately, I discovered GroupEx PRO, and knew I had found the right solution. Since implementing GroupEx PRO with my staff, we have cancelled less classes, increased communication and collaboration between instructors, and I've been able to spend less time answering emails. GroupEx PRO has helped empower my staff, and enabled me to work more on programming than on administrative tasks. The training, webinars, and resources GroupEx PRO provides have also helped me to grow in my position as a Group Fitness Manager. Implementing GroupEx PRO with my staff has been one of the best decisions I've made to increase staff productivity.

Rebeka Leinburger
Fitness Coordinator

With nearly 2500 instructors spanning more than 200 facilities nationwide, the ability to stay closely connected to our instructors — and more importantly, them to us — was a key driver in our selection of GroupEx PRO. Empowering them to own their class schedules, secure sub coverage and report their class attendance online has greatly eased the burden of administrative management among our group exercise management team. Additionally, in geographic regions where we manage multiple facilities, managers have been able to better leverage instructors from other sites, something that was definitely a disjointed process prior to GroupEx PRO.

The icing on the cake is the ability to display the group exercise schedule on our facilities' websites, showing members real-time information on substitute instructors, as well as an option to use a class reservation feature that automatically tracks and communicates with reserved and wait list participants.

Life without GroupEx PRO was a sea of endless emails and a roster of "names" to manage. We now have a more cohesive team of instructors that are much more invested in what we do, and that rubs off to produce a much better member experience.

Melissa Towey
National Group Exercise Manager

GroupEx PRO is amazing!  It has everything I need to keep my department running smoothly in one place and is accessible even when I'm outside the club.  GroupEx PRO  has made our department more efficient by improving our operating systems and communication with my team and other departments within the club.  The Notices section keeps instructors and other club staff up to date on important club information, the Sub Board gives instructors a central location to find coverage for their classes, decreasing the amount of “instructor no shows” and class cancellations and making our instructors more accountable.  Our members love having real-time information regarding subs, schedule changes and making online reservations at their fingertips.  Most of all GroupEx PRO has allowed me to get back to the "good stuff"; building relationships with staff and members, creating cutting edge programming and giving me a balance with work and family.  Thank you GroupEx PRO!

Christina Johansen 
Group Fitness Manager 
Athletic Club of Bend 

GXP has been a phenomenal addition to the Group Fitness Program at Family Wellness. It has simplified many of the managerial duties I have and streamlined instructor communication. I don't know what I would do without it now. It made it possible for me to cut my hours from 70 hours a week to 50 hours a week and as things have been becoming more organized, and instructors have gotten used to it, I've been able to finally get it down close to a 40 hour work week. No more instructor contact lists, tracking spread sheet, payroll spread sheets, lost subs, and missed communications because everything is right at your fingertips. It creates instructor accountability and keeps a manager and/or supervisor sane. It also helps the front desk know who is teaching all the time due to the real time subbing it creates on the online schedule on our Family Wellness website. There's never any doubt anymore of who's teaching the class. I am thankful every day for GXP and what it does for us and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! If you haven't gotten it yet what are you waiting for!! The organization and sanity it creates is well worth it!!

Karla Hensrud-Wagner
Family Wellness Fargo

As an Area Group Fitness for three luxury clubs in San Diego, I have 120 instructors, three class schedules and over 300 classes per week to manage. Group Ex PRO has been a godsend for me; it's like having my own personal assistant.

If you are a director, you know the biggest hassle is managing subs, and having a system that manages the sublist and automatically updates our online schedule is priceless. Now I am able to hold instructors accountable for their classes. No more "I forgot" or "I didn't agree to that", the system keeps track of everything.

Another one of my favorite features of GroupEx PRO is that I can track how many times an instructor asked for a sub as well as how many times an instructor subs a class for another. This lets me know the team players as well as those who may not be as committed to their classes as I need them to be.

GroupEx PRO's customer service is out of this world. Sara has more patience than any rep I have ever encountered. She is always professional, nice and takes all the time you need to get your questions answered - even when you ask the same question more than once, which I have been known to do.

I would highly recommend GroupEx PRO for any fitness club with a large, robust schedule - especially if you have multiple locations.

Connie Cook Saunders
Area Group Fitness Manager
Fit Athletic Club

All 4 south community branches of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte use GroupEx PRO and it has been essential in keeping our community coordinated, organized and efficient. Our favorite GXP feature is the online schedule tool that allows our members a way to view the schedule from home and know exactly who is teaching their favorite classes and any potential facility changes due to events, holidays or weather.  We also love the new user fields that allow us to track certifications and CECs but also send automatic email reminders about upcoming expirations!  Because all 4 of our community branches use GXP it helps us to keep tab of what’s going on at our sister branches.  It also allows our instructors the opportunity to pick up classes at multiple locations quickly and easily and keep their schedules organized in one central location.  Can’t forget to mention the contact list!  I always have every single team member’s phone number and email addresses with me no matter where I am!  

Laurie Pace
Community Group Exercise Director
YMCA of Greater Charlotte

I highly recommend GroupEx PRO for any facility, no matter how big or small your group fitness program may be! Having used GroupEx PRO at a facility I previously managed, it was the first thing I implemented in my new position with Gold's Gym. My Group Fitness Director hasn't stopped thanking me yet! It has completely cut out all the endless emails, phones calls and has totally eliminated miscommunications between instructors...it keeps everyone accountable! It is very cost-effective and completely user-friendly. It's a tool I cannot live without!

Lisa Collins
Assistant General Manager
Gold's Gym
North Roanoke VA